Paella de Mariscos (Seafood Paella) Recipe 

So many of my clients have asked me how to cook a seafood paella.  Now that we have all the ingredients and pans available in my online shop Elena’s Mercado, I have put together a recipe that you can cook at home on one of our paella pans right on you stove top

Serving Size: 6 – 8 People


200 ml La Espanola Virgin Olive Oil

1 Glove of Garlic crushed

Half an Onion finely chopped

One 3 gm sachet of Antonio Sotos Paella Seasoning

Two teaspoons of Antonio Sotos Sweet Paprika

1 of each Small Red and Green capsicums chopped

2 Cups  Arroz El Socarrat – Paella Rice  ( 1 Cup of rice per 4 serves)

One Litre of Fish Stock

6 – 8  Prawns

6 – 8 Calamari Rings

3 – 4 Baby Octopus Chopped

200 Grams of Salmon and or Whiting

6 – 8 Mussels


Heat olive oil in the paella pan on medium heat

Cook Garlic and Onion and allow to soften

Add Capsicums and stir through the onion and garlic and allow to soften

Sprinkle the Sweet Paprika Paella Seasoning over the pan

Stir and wait for 2 minutes

Pour in the Paella Rice all over the Paella Pan and stir for 2 minutes over low heat

Add Fish Stock and stir

Cook over high heat, once it starts to boil add desired seafood

Stir seafood through the rice and make sure that the liquid covers the rice and seafood

Salt to your taste

Place Mussels on top

Allow to cook until the rice has absorbed the liquid

Let it stand for a few minutes before serving

Enjoy your Seafood Paella!

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