My name is Maria Elena Rebolledo Montilla and I own and operate ‘Elena’s Paella’ together with my husband, Joe.

I was born in Madrid, Spain and my family dates back many generations. I was raised by my abuela (grandmother) and when I was a young girl my abuela taught me how to cook the traditional family paella, as did her mother and her mother before her.

I came to Australia in 1985 after meeting my husband, Joe overseas. I started cooking paella for family and friends, they all told me that I should share my paella with all of Melbourne and run my own catering business.

Once my children grew up, the opportunity arose to start Elena’s Paella and fulfill a life long dream.

Everyone always asks me why is your paella so tasty?…

I just tell them; “That it must be the way my abuela taught me how to enhance the authentic flavours of Spain.”